Stories from another Fairy Tale – Marta Nowak-Kulpa

Marta Nowak-Kulpa tells stories from the edge of life and death. She generously shares her clinical experience. The touching stories contain virtuosity and professional mastery. Like all profound messages, they have many levels and meanings. They are worth returning to, listening to, and re-reading to discover another source of hope. The stories are intended for patients who are searching for ways to access the layers of their own strength that have been cleverly hidden from them, and for those who accompany them in this search: families, nurses, doctors, and psychotherapists.

Kris Klajs (Director of the Polish Milton Erickson Institute)

The 13 case studies in this precious book can be read, or listened to – read in Marta’s voice. All therapy is known by research to succeed through the relatedness of therapist to patient, not through any particular method. The dramatic use of story is common to therapists from Milton Erickson’s to Bessel Van der Kolk, Bert Hellinger to David Epston. What we imagine, lights signals in neural pathways that change our brains.

Marta’s stories are told straightforwardly, as they happen in her response to people she treats. Her presence is attentive, patient and emotionally connected. She does not directly instruct, nor oppose, nor diagnose her patients. Rather, she walks with them through their unconscious minds, until they exit the forest of despair.

Eric Greenleaf PhD (Director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area)

Marta Nowak-Kulpa – psychologist and Ericksonian psychotherapist, member of the International Society of Hypnosis. She works in the Department of Oncological and Reconstructive Surgery at the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice, Poland, and in private practice. She shares her experience by giving workshops on a national and international level. Her inspiration is traveling, her passion is passion is work and her motivation is motherhood. She is a promoter of the use of the techniques of Ericksonian Psychotherapy in the medical field as an important element of holistic treatment.





Marta Nowak-Kulpa

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